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Facebook Sharer PRO - Troubleshooting

You see an error about the domain URL/Website when you grant access to your Facebook account
Check if you have configured your Facebook application correctly.
The App Domains and Site URL must mach with the EXACT settings you find in the help section of Facebook Sharer
(STEP 1 of the configuration).

After you grant access to your Facebook account, the fan pages and groups are not imported
The Facebook application must be created with the same Facebook account you try to add in the script.
Also, before granting access, please be sure you are logged in Facebook with the same account you try to authorize.

The ads are not posted on Facebook, are not visible to others or you see a Facebook authorization error in script's logs
1. In Facebook, on right-top corner, click on the "locker" icon, then on "Privacy Checkup".
Be sure "Who would you like to see your next post?" is set to "Public".
2. Be sure your Facebook application is set to "Live" in "Status&Review" section.
3. Be sure you have added your email in your Facebook application, in "Settings" section.
4. Check if all Facebook accounts you added and granted access in the script are members of the master group
5. If you updated/edited your Facebook application in developers section, please login in Facebook Sharer and go to "Existing Facebook Accounts".
For each Facebook account, please click on "Renew access" button and authorize again the Facebook application.

How to check if your posted ads on Facebook
To verify if your ads were posted you can check the script's logs section or directly in your Facebook account » Settings » Activity log.
Also, please check if your Facebook application privacy is set to "Public".
To do this, go to Facebook » Settings » Apps. Below your application name you should see "Public".

When creating or editing a campaign, it is not saved
Basically, this is a limitation of the server.
If it is group posting campaign, please be sure you do not select more than 100-150 groups in each campaign.
Otherwise, please un-check all groups before saving the campaign.

You are receiving a large amount of emails from your hosting with apache headers
These are the default emails send by your hosting to inform you that the cron jobs were executed.
To disable it, please login into your cpanel/hosting and disable the email notifications in cron jobs section.

The scheduled campaigns did not start and you see "0 times" in "Executed" column
After creating a new campaign, you must wait about 30 minutes to start, until the cron job runs.
If you still see "0 times" in "Executed" column for your campaigns, check if you have configured the cron jobs correctly on your server like described in the documentation file.
Please read again Step 5. Installation - cron jobs.
Finally, check if your Facebook accounts you members of the master group.

GRoup poster - The scheduled campaigns did not post in all groups for a specific campaign
The script will not post to all selected groups once.
It sents the requests in packets using Facebook's batch posting feature, to maximum 15 groups once, each time the cron job runs.
The number of bacth requests can be seen in "Executed" column for each of your campaigns.

For a specific campaign you see an error in script's logs: "Posted 0 messages. Logout"
There are some issues with the saved messages or you have deleted the message list associated with that campaign.
You must edit that campaign and check "Update/Change and reset the message list for this campaign ".
Save the campaign to use the new message list.

Bumping old posts(auto comment your last posts in groups) is not working
Bumping old posts will work only if you have at least one previous post in the selected groups.
Please note that Facebook will return only the last 500 posts for each group so if your posts are older, there is no way that it can bump it.
Be sure you also have a campaign that previously posted in those groups before bumping the posts with another campaign.

The scheduled ads are not posted on Facebook even if the campaigns have started
First, check if your ads are formatted correctly.
You cannot use HTML code or special non ascii chars. Please use only basic text, new lines and links to images, videos or websites
(with http:// prefix).
If this is the case, please edit and save your messages conforming to the above recommendations.
Then, try the same message with an instant post. If it will not work, go to "My resources » Facebook accounts" and click on "Renew access" button.

The campaign was working fine but now it stopped
First, Check your campaign settings:
- In "Script Settings" set "Maximum number of messages posted once" to 5.
- In "Script Settings" set "Pause between posting the messages" to 1 second.
- For any campaign, we recommend to post maximum 1 message/1 hour. Especially if you are posting in more than 50 groups.
- For each campaign use a message list that contains at least 3 messages. You can also use spintax.
- If you are posting in more than 50 groups once, create different cloned campaigns and post maximum 1 message/hour in each campaign.

Also, you must diversify your ads. Please edit your message list, add at least 4 messages in the list.
To avoid posting duplicate content, we STRONGLY recommend to use SPINTAX in all your messages.

The script does not post images
First, please be sure you are using only one image in your message.
The image URL must be the first line in your message. After the image URL, you can add extra text and/or a link.
Please verify if the image URL is correct, with the image extension(.png, .jpg, .gif, etc).
Also, please be sure you set the master group as it is described in the help section.

The script does not post links in groups
First, please be sure you are using only one link in your message.
The link must be used at the end of your message.
You can use multiple links in the same message but formatted with spintax.
Also, please verify if the link URL is correct, with the http:// prefix.

The script does not import the groups for a new Facebook account
Please be sure you have created a new Facebook application with the new Facebook account you want to use in the script.
Then, before adding and confirming the access to that account, be sure you are logged in Facebook with that specific account.
Also, use our "Group Importer Tool" located in My Resources »

The script is not posting images in groups anymore - This app has been restricted from uploading photos
For optimal performance please consider the following tips:
1. Each campaign should use a message list with at least 4 different messages.
2. In each message list please use different messages: some messages with text and links, some with images and links.
Do not use images in all messages.
3. To avoid posting duplicate content, we STRONGLY recommend to use SPINTAX in all your messages.
4. Also, we recommend to set the campaigns to post maximum 1 message/hour in all groups.
5. Please create and join to the master group, like described in the help section
6. We recommend to create and use clickable images in your ads using this service: http://app.sharethiscontest.com
To continue, you must create another FB application like the first one, edit your account with the new FB app id and secret and click on "renew access" button.

Using the script in this way you will avoid being blocked by Facebook.

For more information about configuring the script, please check also the help section