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Facebook Link Image Script

The Ultimate Facebook Auto Poster

  Schedule posts on Facebook profile wall, fan pages and groups
  Post real size images, videos and links with thumbnail preview
  Unlimited Facebook accounts, resources and campaigns
  One time payment. No monthly or annual fees!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Facebook Sharer PRO?
Facebook Sharer is the best auto poster script on the market that allows you to schedule your posts on Facebook wall, fan pages and groups. The system runs in background and posts your ads on auto-pilot 24x7, even when your computer is off.

Is Facebook Sharer PRO safe?
YES, IT IS! Facebook Sharer PRO works with Facebook Graph API v.2.10.
It uses the secured Facebook Graph API and an advanced scheduling algorithm, so there is no risk to be blocked by Facebook.

Will Facebook Sharer PRO post adverts with my scheduled ads?
No, the script will not post any references to our script or to our website.

What are the system requirements for Facebook Sharer PRO?
» Your own domain with any hosting(Windows or Linux) with the ability to create cronjobs.
» 1 available Mysql database
» PHP 4.0 or higher

I do not have my own website where to install the script. What can I do?
If you do not have your own website/server you can still use the script using our hosted version.
This means we will have to install a fresh copy of the script on our server and give you the login info.
The license will be available also if you will decide later to move the script on your website.

On how many sites can I install and use Facebook Sharer PRO?
You can install and use our product on one website. For additional licenses, please contact us.

After purchasing this product, do I get updates?
Yes, you will get free updates and we will deliver all files by email as soon as possible.
All updates and releases are FREE for 12 months.

Do I receive the source code of the application?
Yes, you will receive the source code.
Anyway, you are not allowed to remove our copyright, brand and logo.

Do I get support after purchasing the script?
Yes, for free. All clients can use our customer support section.

Do I need any special software installed to use this application?
No, you just need a normal web browser. The script is compatible with all existing browsers.

How can I configure the application?
After the installation, the script can be configured using the admin interface included in the package.

After purchasing Facebook Sharer, do I have to pay extra fees?
No, this is one time payment and you are free to use it without any additional fees.
Also, 12 months free updates are included in this price.

Where can I see a working demo of this application?
To test online this system, please click here.

Do you offer support with installation?
Yes we offer installation support. However, it is very easy to install just like any other php script (no more than 5 minutes).
You will have to upload the files on your website, create a mysql database and configure the script.
On demand, we can install the script for you. The installation fee is 20$.

Why and when should I use Facebook Sharer?
First of all, Facebook Sharer is the best software on the market that allows to share multiple messages on your Facebook wall.

It is a great solution if you want to:
» Publish scheduled posts, links, videos or images on ALL your Facebook groups
» Post your ads on multiple groups using different Facebook accounts
» Automatically update your fan pages status using your page name (posting as fan page feature)
» Publish updates, links to your offers, photos or videos on your Facebook wall
» Bump your previous posts in groups - automatically add comments to your last post in any group