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The Ultimate Facebook Auto Commenter Script

  Automatic post commenter on Facebook
  Comment the last in every group you are member of
  Comment your last post in any group or fan page to bump it
  Optional, the comments can be automatically deleted
How to comment previous posts on Facebook

With Facebook Sharer PRO you can schedule your posts on your wall, Facebook fan pages and groups.
But you can also schedule custom campaigns that will auto comment any post, on any group you are member of.
It runs in background and this process works on auto-pilot 24x7, even when your computer is OFF.

How to use Facebook Sharer PRO to auto comment on Facebook

» It can detect and COMMENT THE LAST POST in every group you are member of
» It can automatically COMMENT YOUR LAST POST in any group or fan page to bump it
» Optional, you can set the script to automatically DELETE THE COMMENT after the post has been bumped.
» The comments can contain only plain text, links or videos.

How to add your custom comments:

Step 1 First, you will have to create a simple campaign that will post in multiple groups.
Step 2 Prepare your message list containing the pre-defined comments. The comments can contain plain text, links or videos.
Step 3 Set another campaign, choose the corresponding groups and use the new message list with your pre-defined comments.
Step 4 For the selected groups, the script will automatically add your comment to the LAST POST(from any user) or to YOUR LAST POST.
Step 6 DONE! The script will automatically comment previous posts whenever the campaigns were scheduled: each hour, each 10 minutes, etc.