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Facebook Link Image Script

The Ultimate Facebook Auto Poster

  Schedule posts on Facebook profile wall, fan pages and groups
  Post real size images, videos and links with thumbnail preview
  Unlimited Facebook accounts, resources and campaigns
  One time payment. No monthly or annual fees!

Do you want to schedule your Facebook posts and put your campaigns on auto-pilot?
With Facebook Sharer PRO you can promote your product or services to thousands of customers.

What is Facebook Sharer PRO?

Facebook Sharer is the best auto poster script on the market that allows you to schedule posts on your groups, profiles and fan pages. It runs in background and posts your ads on auto-pilot 24x7, even when the computer is OFF.
Facebook Sharer PRO is compatible with the latest Facebook Graph API(currently v.2.7) and you can use it to schedule your posts on your profile wall, on your fan pages and in public groups you are member of.
Enough with manual posting on multiple Facebook groups or fan pages!

Why you should use this Facebook Sharer PRO?
If you have not been fully utilizing Facebook for your online marketing campaigns, it is time to do it NOW!
On Facebook, you can join unlimited public groups with members that are interested in your products or services.
With Facebook Sharer PRO you can automatically post your pre-defined ads and messages in all these groups.
Also, you can schedule campaigns that will auto comment and bump your last post in any group you are member of.
Plus, you can set the script to automatically update your profile wall or your fan pages with your pre-defined posts.
You will only have to prepare your ads, schedule your campaigns and the script will do everything in background!

This script provides everything you need to automate your Facebook promotions:

You can post in all public groups you are member of, fan pages or on your Facebook wall
Using Facebook Link Image, you can post REAL SIZE CLICKABLE IMAGES in groups and on fan pages
Auto comment on Facebook feature: COMMENT THE LAST POST in public groups you are member of
Facebook Sharer PRO can automatically COMMENT AND BUMP YOUR LAST POST in any group or fan page
Optional, you can set the script to automatically DELETE THE COMMENT after the post has been bumped
POST AS GUEST on fan pages that you do not admin and also comment the last post on these pages
When adding a new Facebook account, the script will automatically import all your groups and fan pages
Integrated "Group Importer Tool" that will allow you to import all groups you are member of
It is compatible with the latest Facebook Graph API v.2.7
To keep the groups organized, it allows you to create group categories
The script has the ability to spin your predefined messages and generate unique ads using SPINTAX
The script automatically posts the title, the description and the image thumbnail preview from any external link
It can upload images from any external resource (Facebook, Photobucket or from any website)
Instant posts feature - you can post multiple ads on Facebook directly from script's admin area
It can post videos that play in newsfeed, large images and websites with full thumbnail preview
The ability to import bulk messages from TXT and CSV files
RSS feed poster: the script can post new items from external RSS feeds
You can use unlimited Facebook accounts, message lists, profiles, groups and fan pages

How Facebook Sharer PRO Works:

Facebook poster step 1 First, add your Facebook accounts. For each account, the script will automatically import and assign ALL GROUPS and all FAN PAGES.
Facebook poster step 2 To keep the groups organized, the script allows you to create groups categories.
Facebook poster step 3 Organize your ads into message lists. The saved ads can contain plain text, links, images and videos.
Facebook poster step 4 Create and schedule the campaigns: choose the Facebook account, select the groups/pages and the message list to use.
Facebook poster step 5 DONE! The script will auto post your ads whenever the campaigns were scheduled: every day, each hour, each 10 minutes, etc.

Main features and benefits:

With Facebook Sharer PRO you can schedule your posts and ads to unlimited groups and fan pages
100% SAFE! The script uses a Facebook application that will post using the secure Facebook Graph API
NO FACEBOOK JAIL: the script uses a smart scheduling system and a complex posting method
USER FRIENDLY: the user interface is very well structured and it can be used by anyone
Facebook Sharer PRO is compatible with the new Facebook Graph API v.2.7
You can upload unlimited images directly from your computer
Automatically upload images from external resources (Facebook, Photobucket or from any website)
With the SPINTAX feature, the script can spin your ads while running. Each posted ad will be different
To avoid Facebook alert, the script will send batch requests in 10-25 groups until the campaign is completed
Multi-language support: the script supports UTF8 and the ads can be written in any language or charset
Post animated GIFs on your profile wall, fan pages and in groups you are member of
When adding a new Facebook account, the script will detect and import all the associated groups and fan pages
The script is able to detect the last post in any group and add a your custom comment to that post
You can bump your past posts in any group by automatically adding new comments with text and links
The script can post on your Facebook fan pages using your fan page name
The script automatically parses the links from each posted link and it will display the image preview
Multiple message lists. You can add the messages one by one or import bulk messages from TXT and CSV files
In admin panel, you can define the maximum number of ads posted once and the pause between each post
Admin panel to manage your resources, Facebook accounts, message lists, fan pages and campaigns
Scheduled campaigns that will run whenever you want (each minute, each hour, every day, on specific date, etc)
Facebook Sharer runs in background and it is totally anonymous. Even when your computer is off
It runs on auto-pilot. Configure the campaigns once and the script will post your ads in background
The ability to post updates, exiting content, text and links from external RSS feeds
It allows you to post your ads simultaneously using different Facebook accounts
And a lot more...